Prayut Over Protesters: A Resolute to Rule Out Martial Law

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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha rebutted rumors that there could be another military takeover or martial law enforcement to quench the latest spate of anti-government demonstrations ahead of a scheduled mass event in front of the Crown Property Bureau.

After the government met to meet for the demonstration of the Ratsadon party, the premier said the government was seeking to avert confrontations between competing protest parties and vowed fair compliance from all sides of the law.

The government does not discriminate against anybody, Gen Prayut said and called on the demonstrators to be considerate of the officers whose task is to preserve order. He also emphasized that to avoid this or other rallies, martial law would not be imposed and rejected the possibility that there could be another coup d’état with the same purpose in mind.

He said he did not want to see Thais kill and use violence against each other as prime minister, and advised the media to ask the anti-government protest leaders why they should go to the Crown Property Bureau.

Recently, Prayut announced that all laws and all articles will be enforced against demonstrators who defied the legislation.  He sent his notice to pro-democracy demonstrators after street rallies demanding his resignation and reform of the monarchy.

Consequently, He also swept aside a suggestion made by protest leader Arnon Nampa that he could resign before the rally. The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) Pol Maj Gen Piya Tawichai said nine police officers’ companies and another crowd control officers’ company would be mobilized during the demonstration to provide support.

Morever, The police have yet to determine whether to designate a demonstration ban within a distance of 150 meters from the office and surrounding roads for traffic.  Through this, around the office, barbed-wire fences were set up and signs were placed up in front and on the side of the position that read palace area.

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