Prioritizing To Finish The Physical Structure The Dam

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 Indonesia Indonesia – The Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry is focusing to finish development of Sepaku Semoi Dam in Tengin Baru town, Sepaku sub-region, North Penajam Paser region, East Kalimantan, by 2023.

In view of this, The dam will fill in as a crude water hotspot for the new capital city, Nusantara, which is additionally a work in progress, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono has shared.

The dam, which will traverse 280 hectares and have a limit of 10.6 million cubic meters, will at first meet the crude water needs of Balikpapan city. Henceforth, since the framework will likewise uphold the new capital, it will be improved to supply 2,500 liters/second of crude water and diminish flooding by 55%.

In future, they will expand the water supply limit by building the Batu Lepek Dam and Selamatyu Dam. In the interim, the flood control framework is being intended to be laid out soon.

In the mean time, top of the Kalimantan IV Center for River Basin (BWS), Harya Muldianto, educated that the development regarding Sepaku Semoi Dam arrived at 37% as of mid-February 2022.

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As per the agreement, the dam is focused on to be finished before the finish of 2023. In any case, we will assist the advancement to complete the actual design of the dam by mid 2023. Hence, the seizing (beginning filling) of the dam can be led by mid-2023.

The Sepaku Semoi Dam is being developed under a long term agreement worth Rp556 billion including functional collaboration among a few homegrown organizations, including state-run development organization PT Brantas Abipraya. Presently, there are six supplies in East Kalimantan territory. They incorporate Manggar Dam (with a limit of 14.2 million cubic meters), Teritip Dam (2.43 million cubic meters), and Aji Raden Retention Basin (0.49 million cubic meters) in Balikpapan city.

Morever, there are Kalhol Mahakam River Intake (0.02 million cubic meters) and Lempake Dam in Samarinda city (0. 67 million cubic meters), and Samboja Dam in Kutai Kartanegara region (5.09 million cubic meters).

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