Sri Mulyani: Abnormal State Finance

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Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said that at present the state’s finances are facing an abnormal situation. The corona virus outbreak and the world oil price war became a global factor that triggered a decline in the domestic economy. That was also the Ministry of Finance required to work extra.

For this reason, she asked all officials and employees of the Ministry of Finance to synergize and think Out of the Box.

“This problem is not a matter of the Minister of Finance alone or Deputy Minister of Finance. But all officials within the Ministry of Finance must participate in maintaining the health of the country’s finances despite the pressure that is not easy and maintain the welfare of the community,” Sri Mulyani explained in the inauguration ceremony at the Ministry of Finance, Friday (3/13).

On the same occasion, Sri Mulyani hoped that her staff could innovate and look closely at the market to provide guidance, leadership, and clarity.

“This challenge was chosen by Almighty to give us in this era. It is up to us whether we are able to face it or complain and complain,” said the first Indonesian who served as Managing Director of the World Bank.

“I hope that the ranks of the Ministry of Finance face this challenge with professionals and all thinking skills, innovation to contribute solutions as much as possible,” she continued.

From the shopping side, according to him, it requires innovative space. Shopping must be used for priority needs and truly effective.

She asserted, the state budget (APBN) which is the backbone for the community can be an instrument or have a positive impact in the midst of a corona outbreak.

“Currently, the government is also using and researching fiscal and non-fiscal policies in reducing the negative impact of the global economic conditions which are depressed by the corona virus,” Sri Mulyani noted.

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