Sustainable Success: Semarang Tops UI’s GreenCityMetric 2022

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sustainable success semarang tops ui's greencitymetric 2022

The University of Indonesia’s (UI) GreenCityMetric list for 2022 puts Semarang City, the capital of Indonesia’s Central Java region, at the top once more. The renowned award affirms the city’s dedication to tackling environmental issues and honours its outstanding accomplishments in sustainable urban development.

The mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu, thanked her for the honour and emphasised that this is the city’s second time receiving the UI GreenCityMetric award. The city’s well-planned spatial growth and sturdy infrastructure, essential in supporting sustainability, are credited with its success.

Semarang confronts considerable difficulties while being acknowledged as Indonesia’s most sustainable city, notably during the El Nino phenomenon. The city is committed to resolving these problems by improving its infrastructure to lessen the risk of flooding and other El Nino-related dangers.

Tidal flooding and landslides are two issues that Semarang is currently attempting to address and which necessitate prompt attention and thorough solutions. To address these problems and build a resilient urban environment, the city government is aggressively developing sustainable city projects.

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The UI GreenCityMetric uses six performance metrics to rate Indonesia’s sustainable cities and districts. These indicators cover governance, mobility and access, waste management and disposal, water management, climate change and energy, and spatial planning and infrastructure. Semarang’s impressive results across these parameters demonstrate its dedication to implementing sustainable practices.

All Semarang stakeholders are encouraged to continue their commitment to sustainable urban development through this award from UI. Together, the city’s administration, citizens, and several organisations are urged to make Semarang a greener, more sustainable place in the future.

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