Thai Achievement: A New Drug Delivery System For Cancer Patients

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 Thailand Thailand – Mahidol University has presented biopolymer gel, another drug delivery system, to actually treat cerebrum disease patients while additionally diminishing the expense. The biopolymer gel is the consequence of a very long term joint-research project between the designing and medication resources at Mahidol University’s Ramathibodi Hospital.

Dr Piyamitr said it contains chemotherapy medicates that can be straightforwardly infused into a cerebrum cancer without influencing the encompassing region. The biopolymer gel likewise has a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate meaning it is ok for use.

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The cerebrum malignant growth is the hardest disease to fix since it requires an activity. Indeed, even the smallest harm from cerebrum medical procedure can prompt loss of motion or even demise. Furthermore, it’s difficult to treat mind disease with chemotherapy.

Prof Suradech Honging, a pediatric division specialist, said the new medication conveyance technique has passed the principal clinical preliminary and will move to the second preliminary soon.

He said seven patients partook in the main preliminary, each with a huge cancer inside their cerebrum. Whenever left untreated, they could never have endure an additional three months. Luckily, the examination results were fruitful.

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