Thai LGBTQ+ Parade Screams Their Privilege With The New Governor

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 Thailand Thailand – There were huge number of LGBTQ+ community members joined the happy “Bangkok Naruemit Pride Parade” on Silom Road, a considerable lot of them wearing rainbow-themed outfits and waving rainbow banners to commend the event.

In view of this, numerous LGBTQ+ activists additionally joined the walk and took theopportunity to request fundamental privileges for the LGBTQ+ people group, like same-sex marriage, a finish to inappropriate behavior and the decriminalization of sex laborers.

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Morever, Two bills on LGBTQ+ couples, remembering one for common associations, are anticipating parliamentary consideration. The draft same sex marriage regulation, named the “marriage equity” bill, looks for equivalent rights,including marriage, for LGBTQ+ couples, while the draft common organization bill would perceive same-sex associations and award practically similar lawful privileges as hitched couples.

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