Thailand Online class is applicable for internet users only?

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Thailand’s new online learning system scheduled to launch in July

Thailand’s new online learning system scheduled to launch in July due to covid-19 may alienate some children from receiving an education. A resent study has found that 10% of students were found to have no internet at home.

Some of those lacking access to the online teaching and learning system also live without electricity. Many children do not have internet connections or computers, Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan said on Wednesday. His comments were delivered while leading a test-run on an online teaching and learning system. To resolve these problems, the minister said he would ask the Digital Economy and Society Ministry to provide additional equipment to schools to ensure all students have access to the system. The internet-based teaching and learning system will be associated with a long-distance learning system, said Mr Nataphol. Students without the required learning equipment at home will have to go to their schools to attend online classes. Furthermore the maximum number of students allowed will be limited to 20 per class. Above all to ensure social distancing guidelines for covid-19, he said. A survey during the test run found 77% of students were ready for the arrival of the online learning system. While the rest had more work to do, he said. On the plus side, the school’s IT facilities and digital learning resources are thought to be in good shape. Which should cater to children forced to study in schools.

To ensure every student has access to the system, teachers have been assigned to supervise and assist those students who needed additional help, said Mr Nataphol. All teachers at school implementing online classes have completed training. They have been taught computer programs such as Microsoft Team, Zoom and Google Meet. The Education Ministry has also launching an associated long-distance teaching and learning system. It was jointly developed and implemented by; the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission; and the Distance Learning Foundation under the Royal Patronage that operates Distance Learning Television.

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