The Big Day is Getting Near: Who Will Be The Next PH President

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 Philippines Philippines – The Filipino voters will soon choose another president on May 9, with four driving up-and-comers, including Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the oldest child of the country’s previous despot, competing to turn into the Philippines’ next president?

The presidential campaign has been very controversial due to to different issues and point of views between the parties who is racing for the presidential chair.

And, The big day is getting near. So, who will Filipino voters trust to govern the country for the next 6 years?

The nation holds direct official races at regular intervals. With the constitution restricting presidents to a solitary term, the occupant, Rodrigo Duterte, can’t run once more in spite of the fact that he actually appreciates high endorsement evaluations. Filipinos will pick their next president from among 10 possible replacements. Here are the rundown of the main 4 up-and-comers in view of the ongoing overview results:

1. Bongbong Marcos

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As the child of a previous president, Bongbong Marcos has high name acknowledgment as well as lengthy political vocation. He has served in both the upper and lower offices of the Philippine Congress. He has a solid web-based entertainment presence, with around 5.8 million Facebook adherents.

2. Leni Robredo

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Robredo has wrestled with killing destitution in the Philippines and stemming the spread of COVID-19. Halfway in light of the fact that she has defied the ongoing president, who has administered the country in a graceless manner, in excess of 270 college teachers and financial experts discontent with the Duterte organization have openly communicated their help for Robredo.

3. Isko Moreno

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Moreno, a previous entertainer, hails from Manila’s poor Tondo locale. As chairman of the Philippine capital, he has attempted to work on open cleanliness and lodging, and to decorate the city. Moreno has swore that assuming chosen president, he will improve the country’s social administrations and foundation, and advance local urban communities’ turn of events.

4. Manny Pacquiao

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The legendary boxer Pacquiao is additionally among the four top up-and-comers. He resigned from the ring to run for president, promising to get rid of government defilement. Consideration will zero in on whether he can extend his help past his home island of Mindanao.

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