The Danger behind Smoking in dealing with COVID-19

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Smoking increase risk for Covid19 Outbreak

Last updated on May 7th, 2021 at 09:07 am

Last year, people are being called on to help enact a stringent public smoking ban imposed by President Rodrigo Duterte in the country.

Many fear that the call for civilians to help municipal authorities apprehend violators could lead to vigilant violence close to that of an anti-drug movement that has led to the deaths of thousands of people accused of being drug users and smugglers.

The executive ban on smoking was signed which forbids the use of nicotine, including electronic cigarettes, in all public areas, including sidewalks. It also forbids those younger than 18 from the use, selling or purchasing of cigarettes or tobacco products.

Even vaping is no longer tolerated except with the order read in approved smoking zones, which may be an open room or area with adequate ventilation.

EO 106 also restricted the sale, manufacture, advertisement, delivery and import of unregistered electronic nicotine devices and other experimental tobacco goods, citing significant health risks to those addicted to smoking. Both e-liquid products, electronic cigarettes, and vaping devices must be licensed with the Food and Drug Administration, the order added, noting that businesses must first receive an FDA license before they can function.

And it seems like the smoking ban has a good effect in implementing the protection of health among filipinos in facing the pandemic virus. Among the things that the president reminded was the smoking and liquor ban during Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Here’s the danger behind smoking in facing COVID-19 so that everyone will be aware:

1. Smoking doubles the risk of contracting respiratory infections

In one study1, 391 healthy participants had one of five respiratory viruses fall into their noses, including a coronavirus, in a drink. The volunteers who drank were twice as likely as those who didn’t smoke to contract an infection.

Smoking is believed to damage the immune system, and the capacity of the body to fight pathogens

2. Nicotine increases the chance of being ill from COVID-19

 Nicotine is most likely associated with becoming sicker from COVID-19 in a study of five studies conducted to date.

In the biggest sample of 1099 people with COVID-194, people who smoke were 2.4x more likely to get very sick compared to someone who did not smoke (e.g. committed to an intensive care unit, requiring emergency ventilation, dying).

Smoking can cause chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD) and other health conditions that can lead to serious illness. Quitting smoking will improve your wellbeing if you have COPD or a heart disease.

3. Vaping also damages lung health.

The research shows that aerosol from vaporizing products may damage the lungs at cellular and organ levels and can also impair the ability of the body to combat respiratory infections. The recent epidemic of e-cigarettes or vaporizing-associated lung injury, which primarily affects young adults, remains a significant public health concern.

It’s never easy to stop people from smoking since a lot of them are used in doing it. But this time, it’s a discipline to refrain from anything that intoxicate one’s body and try to stay healthy in a way they never thought they would.

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