VP Leni Robredo’s Request To Presidential Electoral Tribunal Gains Strong Political Attention

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Leni Robredo

VP Leni Robredo asked the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to excuse the movement for reevaluation previous representative Bongbong Marcos recorded to invert its past excusal administering. In a proclamation, Robredo shared that PET should throw the movement as she underscored that Marcos simply introduced contentions like the electing fight that was requested excused last Feb. 16th.

The MR should be denied for its absolute absence of legitimacy. The charges are simple repeat or redundancy of similar contentions previously settled or chose by the PET in its said goal.

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In view of this, Marcos should realize that the possibility of rout is a reality that all political up-and-comers who represent political decision should figure out how to acknowledge. This was the instructing of no not as much as his dad, the late president Ferdinand Marcos, who said that ‘no one is impenetrable to incident.

The previous congressperson recorded a movement for reevaluation on May 6, requesting the PET to continue with the show from proof for his third reason for activity, which is the invalidation of political race brings about the areas of Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur and Basilan. Along with this, He asserted that PET didn’t offer him the chance to introduce his proof of survey brings about those areas on the grounds of psychological warfare, viciousness, terrorizing, replacement of citizens and pre-concealing of voting forms for Robredo.

Yet, Robredo, refering to a PET goal, countered by saying that in the wake of losing in the relate of polling forms from his three pilot regions which are Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.

The Vice President emphasized what is clear in Marcos’ movement for reevaluation is the truth that he submitted a lawful bumble when he picked his pilot areas. This was his very own decision. No one directed upon him on his decision. She contended that assuming PET awards the movement of Marcos, this would abuse Rule 65 that cutoff points pilot regions to just three. Morever, Robredo encouraged Marcos to acknowledge his loss with effortlessness regardless of whether it is an unpleasant reality.

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