Why are these Foreign Celebrities Settling down in the Philippines?

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why are these foreign celebrities settling down in the philippines

The Philippines has captured the hearts of 15 talented individuals from diverse corners of the world, who have found more than just a tropical paradise in the country. 

And a quick answer to why is that is because of the Philippines’ gorgeous landscapes, vacation spots, and strong and beautiful culture. 

These celebrities have seamlessly integrated into the local entertainment industry, showcasing their skills and making their mark on the Philippine stage.

South Korean Sensations: A Dominant Presence

South Koreans form a significant part of the foreign celebrity contingent in the Philippines. Figures like Jinri Park, who transitioned from an actress and DJ in Manila to relocating to Australia with her husband, exemplify the depth of connections formed in the Philippines. Notably, prominent individuals like Grace Lee, Sam Oh, and Ryan Bang have been based in the country for over two decades, becoming integral parts of the entertainment landscape.

In recent years, a new generation of South Koreans has emerged in Philippine showbiz, enriching the cultural tapestry.

Dasuri Choi, known for her electrifying dance moves, stormed the Philippine dance scene after her success in the competition “You’re My Foreignay.” Her dynamic presence continues to captivate audiences on platforms like TikTok and various Kapuso shows.

Hwang Yohan, also known as Korean singer Yohan King, moved to the Philippines with his family in 2014. After winning the reality music competition “I Love OPM,” he has charmed Filipinos with his soulful voice and renditions of both Pinoy and Korean hits.

Jinho Bae, fluent in Tagalog and English, has found a home in the Philippines for over 15 years. Apart from his music, he is a popular YouTuber, conducting interviews with renowned Korean stars visiting the country.

Other Superstars in the Tropical Country

Taiwanese supermodel Jessica Yang, known as Jesych, has made a splash in the Philippine fashion scene since 2018. She has graced the runways for local designers and international brands alike, leaving an indelible mark.

American-born Filipino basketball player Justin Brownlee has become a basketball sensation in the Philippines. His journey from the NBA Development League to becoming a pivotal figure in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) showcases his unwavering talent.

Canadian vlogger Kyle Jennerman, also known as Kulas, gained Filipino citizenship in 2023. His YouTube channel “BecomingFilipino” showcases his extensive travels across the country, amassing a massive following along the way.

Brazilian actress, singer, and television host Daiana Menezes is a familiar face in Philippine entertainment. Known for her role as an Eat Bulaga! host, she continues to make waves as a segment host on Net25’s talk show.

Tongan celebrity Eric Tai, with roots in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the Philippine National Rugby Union Team, has proven his versatility on shows like It’s Showtime and Bagani.

The Philippines’ Mystique

These 15 foreign celebrities have discovered in the Philippines not just a tropical paradise, but a platform to showcase their diverse talents and embrace the rich culture of the nation. As they continue to make their mark in the local entertainment industry, they contribute to the vibrant mosaic that is Philippine showbiz.

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