A Call For Compensation Bill Over the Vaccine’s Unwanted Side Effects

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Philippines Lung Center and Quezon City’s East Avenue Medical Center, and Caloocan City’s Dr. Jose Natalio Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center. Consequently, A medicinal substance is a vaccine. Vaccines can cause adverse effects, even though they are intended to protect against illness, just as any drug can do.

But there are many vaccine side effects which are minor, such as injection site soreness, swelling, or redness. Fever, rash, and achyness are linked with certain vaccines. Severe side effects are uncommon, but can include allergic rea rea seizures or life-threatening and it’s important to take note of measures to prevent this events.

In view of this, Vice President Leni Robredo shared her support for a bill aiming to reward beneficiaries of COVID-19 vaccines that would be negatively affected by the shots. The measure would help inspire more Filipinos to get vaccinated.

We should do something that will improve people’s trust in the vaccine. Anything that will convince them that there is nothing to think about and that they are safe in case of untoward side effects.

Looking back, Sen. Nancy Binay filed the 2015 Senate Bill to set up a vaccine payout fund to raise consumer confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccines and reward those suffering adverse side effects. Robredo has said that she thinks that health experts should teach the public on the benefits of COVID-19 immunization.

According to PGH spokesman Jonas del Rosario, some 5,640 health staff and non-medical employees out of 6,000 enrolled for the COVID-19 vaccine at the Philippine General Hospital. The first person to collect COVID-19 shots will be Del Rosario, who recovered from COVID-19 last year.

One of the four COVID-19 referral hospitals prioritized for the delivery of vaccinations is PGH. The others are the, the part of the 117,000 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is expected to be obtained from the COVAX Facility, a national vaccine-sharing network.

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