A One Week Preparation is not Enough

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Unexpectedly, The public teachers bewailed the Department of Education as DepEd‘s direct of a one-week virtual preparing for coaches before the launch of far off learning in state funded schools on the 13th of September.

In view of this, The Teachers‘ Dignity Coalition (TDC), an umbrella association of government funded teachers’ affiliations, shared that the virtual in-administration preparing series which started recently will end on Sept. 3 might have been given to government funded teachers to rest and re-energize for one more school year of distant learning.

In view of this, Olivia de Guzman, TDC public bad habit seat, stating that instructors need a break after the incredibly bustling school year last year, when coaches themselves went on crash preparing on far off learning a long time before the kickoff of classes on Oct. 5, 2020. Along with this, De Guzman brought up that the VINSET had even been begun yesterday, National Heroes’ Day occasion, denying government funded teachers of a vacation.

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She shared that instructors likewise went through constant in-administration preparing last school year which finished simply last July 12 as DepEd made changes and upgrades somewhere far off learning educational program and systems for state funded schools.

The VINSET preparing, taking up the entire evening in the five days from Aug. 30 to Sept. 3, was regulated by the DepEd evidently to get ready educators for the kickoff of classes for school year 2021-2022.

There are online classes in schools and in the school area and division levels. Has DepEd examined if these unlimited online classes are truly assisting educators with being more useful? Does it truly work on the nature of guidance of the educators who go through the online classes? This question lingers. 

Morever, Rather than overseeing the compulsory online courses shared that DepEd ought to guarantee that they furnish state funded teachers with the instruments to permit them to convey far off learning like PCs web availability loads.

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