Cabinet approves projects to help those affected by COVID-19

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Thailand cabinet projects

The Cabinet has approved four projects to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have not received assistance from the government in the past three months.

The first project is to pay 1,000 baht to 1,164,222 welfare cardholders for three months, from May to July. A total of 3.49 billion baht is allocated to this project. The second project will provide aid to 302,106 people, who failed to register with the Ministry of Finance’s “No One Left Behind” project. This group has not received any assistance from the state, and they are not insured under Section 33 of the Social Security Act. A budget of 906 million baht is allocated to the project. The Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) will submit a proposal to the loan screening committee for consideration within a month.

The third project will cover 6,781,881 people in vulnerable groups, including children under six years old from poor families, senior citizens over 60 years old and the disabled. In addition to their current allowances, they will receive a monthly subsidy of 1,000 baht for three months, between May and July. The budget is 20.3 billion baht. The fourth project will help 137,093 farmers affected by the spread of COVID-19, as they do not have access to basic agricultural infrastructure. Their statuses will be re-examined.

The government has extended the period of payment to help 120,000 farmers, who did not register or update their data before May 15, 2020. The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will make sure that they are registered before July 15 this year.

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