Great Reveal: Siam Discovery on ‘Ecotopia’ A Like-Minded Culture Believing ‘Together, People Co-Create a Better Future

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Siam Piwat Co. , Ltd. is promoting sustainable development with the ‘Co-Creation’ business model. ‘Building Share Value’ is Siam Piwat ‘s central dream in all its retail ventures. A ‘Retail Ecosystem’ has been built to achieve sustainable growth and generate satisfaction for everyone concerned-from customers, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses to communities, society and our world.

Today, Siam Discovery The Exploratoriam, one of Siam Piwat’s shopping destinations, unveils ‘Ecotopia,’ a group of like-minded individuals who believe ‘Together, We Co-Create a Better World.’ Ecotopia is a innovative space co-created by true eco-conscious individuals to offer a fresh and more open eco-centric experience and way of life that can create a healthier environment and value for the world.

At present, a number of people have evolved to give priority to sustainable living. Therefore, in this ‘new normal’ age, goods and services need to revisit their principles and knowledge in order to reach modern sustainability expectations. Siam Piwat’s Consultant Mr.Amorn Mongkhonkaewsakun said ‘Ecotopia,’ a group that believes ‘Together, we co-create a better future,’ will inspire those who are interested and involved in the sustainability of the planet. This room aims to redefine what ‘eco-friendly’ means by means of easy and doable activities — with additional support from 300 brands who love the environment as much as the group.

Ecotopia has been planned to house 8 zones of highlight. Zone 1: Hygienic Zone provides tourists regular household goods and cleaning items made from renewable sources and biodegradable materials. Zone 2: Beautiful Zone includes chemical-free organic skincare and personal care products made from raw natural materials. Zone 3: Safe Zone welcomes health-conscious eaters with carefully picked chemical-free organic vegetables and meat products. Zone 4: Green Zone collects some of Bangkok ‘s highest air purifying plants and trees.

Zone 5: Up-Cycled Zone puts together a vast range of more useful recycled goods and features of DEmark’s award-winning UPCYCLING goods By PTTGC. Field 6: Trendy Field features fashion items made from organic cotton and fabrics, with a ‘clothes swap’ corner where visitors are welcome to replace their old clothes with brand-new designer clothing. Zone 7: Kind Zone features locally produced natural goods items where proceeds contribute to these local areas. Zone 8: Zero Waste Zone is the area where visitors can bring in their personal containers to refill their preferred items in order to minimize waste.

Miss Pawina Gajaseni, Deputy Director of Commerce at Siam Piwat Retail Group, said that Ecotopia would engage customers on a new eco-centric journey. Through the aid of technology that suits the new standard, customers are able to get to know the stories and the journey of these eco-conscious goods, through inspiring story-telling, easily accessible through a tablet or QR code. In addition, cashierless payment provides more convenience to buy via smartphone in response to the new generation’s lifestyle.

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