How Singapore’s retail prices have changed

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how singapore's retail prices have changed

Some stores have adjusted their prices to reflect the increase in the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which has increased by 1 percentage point to 8% starting Jan. 1.

CNA went to numerous stores to compare prices on a random assortment of things before and after the GST increase went into effect.

While other retailers raised their prices, no notices warning customers of the change were posted. Others had notices on display explaining the changeover to the new prices.

Prices for some domestic goods at health and beauty retailer Guardian stayed the same while rising for others. A tube of 150g Colgate toothpaste went from S$6.50 to S$6.60, but face masks remained $2.

In response to inquiries, a representative stated that more than 1,000 products’ prices across all of its stores remained unchanged, although she did not provide a time frame. Instead, Guardian pledged to “periodically evaluate” prices to maintain the affordability of its necessities for beauty and wellness.

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Additionally, we have a number of programs to assist Singaporeans save money, such as the Low Prices Locked program, which was introduced in June 2021 and makes sure that daily necessities are always inexpensive for our consumers.

According to the spokesman, Guardian has “substantially extended” the selection of products sold under its house brand, providing customers with “excellent products at costs that are cheaper than the major brands.”

The computerized shelf labels of the NTUC FairPrice store in Bukit Ho Swee were being changed to reflect the new GST, according to a sign at the pay register.

“At this time, please be aware that there may be a small difference in the prices of some items between the shelf label and the checkout. Please refer to the checkout pricing should such a disparity arise,” it advised.

Shoppers were made aware of a price rise because of the GST increase via a notice at Popular Bookstore at NEX Mall. Customers were instructed to consult a new pink label on its products for the most recent price.

Only the storybooks had pink price labels when CNA went to the store on Wednesday (Jan. 4), and the stationery still had white labels. Highlighter, pen, and foolscap paper prices were unchanged from before the GST increase.

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