IGP Hamid to step down from position after contract expiration on May 3

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Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador to retire from his post after contact expiration on May 3 despite the efforts of other people to get his contract extended.

He stated that his contract expiration would be on May 3 and would thus pass on the position of Inspector-General to the next in line.

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Hamid mentioned that he knows about the poll happening on social media requesting for an extension of his contract in being the IGP due to his outstanding efforts against the occurrences of crime and cartels in the country.

He said that he knew about the poll because someone informed him and he added that there were people who points out that he was the person behind the poll on social media in efforts to extend his contract as the IGP.

He then stated that he was not in any way involved in the informal survey and made it clear that even the poll shows that there is 70 per cent of people who voted for his extension, there is also the 30 per cent who thinks otherwise which means that it is time for him to resign from his position and hand it over to his successor.

He hoped for his successor to be filled with commitment in continuing the mission he started on clearing up the police reputation from the cartel and other issues in integrity.

He wished for the force to carry on the image of having their integrity and dignity preserved. In which he has previously mentioned that his mission was to rebuild the police force’s reputation in the highest level of integrity where the police strives to provide the public with an excellent service quality.

Hamid added that as someone who is a part of the police force, it must come from inside them. “When we put on this uniform, we must be reasonable with our duties and our actions must always be accountable. We have to be honest and transparent in order to bring back the good image of the force. Then, the people will start believing in the force again,” he said.

Hamid became a part of the police force back in 1979 and was moved to the Special Branch (SB) unit in Bukit Aman, and served there from 1980 to 1996. He was then appointed to be the deputy police chief for the Gombak district in 1999. He was then chosen to be the IGP for two years which is now coming to end this May 3.

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