License validity for public service and commercial vehicles, extended.

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Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has announced the three to five years extension of the license validity for public service and commercial vehicle operators upon renewal. As the Covid-19 heavily impacted the transport industry, the Transport Minister has given directives to the relevant agencies under the ministry to assess and review current policies with the objective to aid the individuals who play a prominent role in the transport industry.

The Transport Ministry by way of the Land Public Transport Agency (Apad) has made a decision to give extension of at least three to five years to the license validity of public service and commercial vehicles’ operators that will be approved by the Apad. Dr Wee has long mentioned that the usual renewal of applications for the licenses would be granted for one to two years and is subject to an assessment to determine if the criteria for the renewal is met.

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However, all operators are eligible for the five-year validity extension as long as they can meet all the necessary conditions. The conditions include compliance with safety standards, finances, requirements under the company or Companies Commission of Malaysia, and licensing.

“All applicants must fulfil the stipulated criteria and ensure the relevant documents are complete,” he said. If even one of the criteria is not fulfilled, the operator will be granted a three-year validity extension which is actually longer than the usual minimum approval of one year. Dr Wee noted other several conditions which must be met such as the vehicle’s age should not go above the permitted limit and if applicable, the Travel Operating Business and Travel Agency Business license, should still be valid.

He also added that the application for the vehicle permit validity period does not need to exceed the operator’s license validity period. According to him, the conditions of the approval were set in order to make sure the safety of the vehicles, keeping the high-quality service for the clients and preserving the image of the industry. He also mentioned his hopes for the policy to benefit the industry as they continue to listen to the feedback of the key players in efforts to improve the policies affecting the industry.

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