Low Thyroid Cancer Awareness among Women in Makkah Region Raises Concerns

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low thyroid cancer awareness among women in makkah region raises concerns

In Saudi Arabia’s Makkah region, a recent study found alarmingly high rates of women’s thyroid cancer knowledge and awareness. The purpose of the study, which was written up in Cureus, was to evaluate the degree of understanding, awareness, and perceived risk of thyroid cancer among women residing in the Makkah area.

The most prevalent endocrine cancer in the world and the sixth most common cancer among Saudi women is thyroid cancer. When caught early, the condition is very treatable, but a lack of awareness and information can cause a delayed diagnosis and worse prognosis.

509 women who were at least 18 years old and lived in the Makkah area were included in the study’s sample. A questionnaire was given to the participants to complete in order to gauge their understanding of thyroid cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, and screening recommendations.

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Only 21% of the study’s participants had sufficient understanding regarding thyroid cancer, according to the study’s findings. Only 27% of individuals recognized radiation exposure as a risk factor, indicating that the majority of participants were unaware of the risk factors for thyroid cancer. In addition, only 13% of the participants were aware that people between the ages of 20 and 45 should be screened for thyroid cancer.

Only 19% of participants in the survey indicated that they believed they were at a high risk of acquiring thyroid cancer, according to the study’s findings.

The study’s principal investigator, Dr. Fatima Al-Zahrani, voiced alarm about the results. According to her, “the lack of awareness and knowledge among women regarding thyroid cancer is alarming, especially considering the high incidence of the disease in Saudi Arabia.”

The study’s authors stressed the necessity of stepping up efforts to educate and promote thyroid cancer awareness among women in the Makkah area. They recommended that medical professionals engage actively in educating their patients about the illness, its risk factors, and recommended screening procedures.

The study’s conclusion raises a serious worry about the level of thyroid cancer knowledge among women in the Makkah area. For early detection and better results, it is essential to increase information and awareness of the disease. The study’s conclusions urge swift action to solve this crucial public health issue.

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