Major Revision of Education at Work; Ministry Plan Objectives to Improve Labor

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The Ministry of Education announced plans to raise the quality of Thai education with a emphasis on creating a framework called “Thailand Education Eco-System” to ensure that students are well prepared for the 21st century.

Nataphol Teepsuwan, Minister of Education shared that over the past year he has visited various schools and institutions across the country to receive feedback and opinions on issues related to the education system. This policy has structured a program to “unlock, improve and expand” education to ensure that human capital is improved for the future of Thailand.

The 21st century has introduced itself as an age in which awareness development is rapidly evolving at an exponential pace. As a result , the global supply of skilled labor is becoming more dynamic to meet new demands. The need for individuals to become resilient in a fast-paced environment is therefore important. The question is basic, Thai education still has a long way to go.

Mr. Nataphol stated that, as a pioneer in education, the Ministry would become an enabler by developing an education system that reacts to the demands of a dynamic workforce. Thai education must change in the way that students depart from their ‘closed mind’ of the past and begin to integrate ‘development of mind’ into their everyday lives. That’s what the Education Eco-System is trying to do. That’s the new Ministry of Education that I want to set up.

He said that the program would use supply and demand processes across a website to provide real-time information on the skills needed by domestic and foreign employers. This forum will unlock the potential of the Thai education system by bridging the gap between state education agencies and employers.

According to him, the “change” will focus on a new assessment process for new teachers and students. Students would rely less on assessments, while teachers would focus more on self-growth in higher teaching positions. A new curriculum and guideline will be established to produce quality teachers and administrative bodies that require greater management skills. These fundamental changes are expected to affect the quality of students.

This Enlargement refers to the improvement of the capacity of secondary, primary and vocational schools to develop specialized skills for different career paths, experts and to create more opportunities.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Ministry of Education is introducing three new devices for building a sustainable education eco-system: the Human Capital Excellence Center (HCEC); the Digital Education Excellence Platform (DEEP); and the Excellence Individual Development Plan (EIDP).

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