Manufacturing industry confident amidst setback of Covid19

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PETALING JAYA: Manufacturing sector and industrialists are confident that the current situation caused by the corona virus or Covid-19 outbreak would soon slow down as most business units and plants in China are back in business.

The rest of the areas, except in Wuhan where the virus originated, factories in China are running at full steam, as reported by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers president Datuk Soh Thian Lai.

He added that there were indeed delays in freight and shipments due to the Covid-19 outbreak. There was also a short-term slowdown of production during the Lunar New Year festival.

“However, as of now, the situation seems to be under control as China urged for extreme measures by locking down all affected areas”, says Lai.

He advised that stores and productions in the country may look for temporary alternatives while Wuhan is still on lockdown. There are factories and some unaffected parts in China that are still able to deliver products and parts.  “Stay calm and even in worst-case scenario, we anticipate that that this concern will end by June of this year,” he said.

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