Marina Ibrahim of DAP Urges Young People to Join in Politics, to Reject Racist Policies

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Marina Ibrahim

Johor DAP ‘s Women Wing’s media manager, Marina Ibrahim, said she entered the group because she has her own war fights.

The 33-year-old, who is among the few Malay leaders of the DAP, added not having to be pigeonholed by the racial agenda and hoping to improve how Malays regarded the group.

She said that she will see the cohesion of both races over the duration of school days but remarks are made, there’s no contact with other races like it is. Marina wanted to do something, that’s why she chose DAP that’s fair and democratic for all races. She holds a Merlimau Polytechnic marketing certificate, emphasized that she saw no inconsistencies between the DAP and the Malay culture.

She clarified that DAP is not only a political organization but also a multiracially active social work forum. The DAP is her assistive device. People may get upset and ask why she’s not choosing another party.

She added that people still get the incorrect idea that they are not Malaysian. They learn exactly how to feel mad over nothing. Yet they hope this is going to improve slowly.

So, when they tend to chastise and mistreat them, then there will be no improvement. However if they strive much harder, they may see some effects. Marina, who entered politics in 2016, is lending her valuable lessons to both non-Malay DAP MPs and several Umno leaders.

Similarly, Marina said the same was achieved by former mentri Negri Sembilan besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, who is also identified as Tok Mat. She also advised young people not to shun politics, even if they might be disappointed by the country’s late political scenario.

There are those that are utilizing political groups to tackle social problems.  Highlighting that politics is important to the public interest and if young people don’t come to the fore, they leave power in some parties’ hands. They will fix it if it is incorrect. There’s no point in sowing hate by sitting before machines. Roll on with policy. People will change your views and your speech will be understood.

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