Penang police asked for apology for failing to prevent crowding outside mosque in Juru to perform Aidiladha prayers

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Penang Police Chief Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain said that the police have conducted an investigation where there was an alleged violation of the Covid-19 SOPs by a crowd of about 200 people that were seen gathering together outside a surau in Juru, Penang to fulfill Aidiladha prayers.

Mohd Shuhaily made an apology for not being able to stop the people from congregating in which he had confirmed to happen outside a surau in Taman Pelangi.

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The initial investigations conducted showed that the congregation consisted of non-locals who decided to crowd on the streets after being denied entry into the surau as it was only limited to 100 people in order to maintain physical distancing.

According to Mohd Shuhaily, the surau authorities had decided not to alert the police initially such that to prevent stirring any religion-biased issues. However, the management did not expect the crowd to be stubborn and perform the prayers nearby despite being told to disperse.

In a report, the police said that they had conducted patrols in the area but during the time, there was no crowding and that the surau management had complied with the SOPs.

However, the people must have crowded after the patrols were done and while police were conducting checks in other surau and mosques nearby.

The police then asked for an apology for failing to detect this matter in advance.

Mohd Shuhaily also added that among 180 mosques and 57 suraus in Penang, only one alleged SOP breach has been reported so far.

He then went on to urge the chairmen of mosques and suraus within the state to contact the police in case there were breaches of SOP, especially within the next three days where there events and activities are expected to be held. He expressed his hopes for everyone to understand this such that this was only meant as to curb the spread of the Covid-19 disease. He said all complaints can be directed to their hotline at 04-32221722.

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