PH Navy Enhances Naval Defense with French Anti-Torpedo

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ph navy enhances naval defense with french anti torpedo

In a significant development, French defense manufacturer Naval Group has announced the successful installation of its Contralto anti-torpedo reaction module on the Philippine Navy’s two Jose-Rizal-class missile frigates. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in a contract signed in December 2021, aimed at strengthening the naval capabilities of the Philippine Navy.

The Contralto anti-torpedo reaction module, a component of Naval Group’s Canto/Contralto solutions, was seamlessly integrated into the C-Guard decoy launching system of the BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150) and BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151) frigates. The installation took place on August 31, 2023, during a commissioning ceremony held at Subic-Agila Bay in the Philippines. Representatives from the Philippine Navy, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine Ministry of Defense, and industrial partners in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) systems were present to witness this significant upgrade.

The inclusion of the ASW and Contralto anti-torpedo reaction modules represents a pivotal moment in the armament of the Jose Rizal-class frigates. The Contralto module enhances the frigates’ defense against torpedo threats, complementing the previously upgraded combat management system supplied by Hanwha Systems and the C-Guard decoy launcher systems provided by Terma.

“The next contractual milestone is planned in 2024 with the delivery of Canto anti-torpedo countermeasures and the training of the crews by Naval Group,” the company added.

Revolutionary Anti-Torpedo Defense

The Canto anti-torpedo countermeasures, part of the latest generation of defense technology, employ an innovative approach to protect high-value and mission-critical naval assets. This system operates on the dilution/confusion concept, generating a robust acoustic signal spanning 360 degrees and encompassing the full frequency spectrum to deter and neutralize attacking torpedoes effectively.

The Contralto module, an integral part of this anti-torpedo system, plays a crucial role in detecting threats and swiftly determining the most suitable evasive maneuvers and deployment strategies to safeguard the frigates.

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Strengthening Maritime Security

The integration of advanced French anti-torpedo technology into the Philippine Navy’s arsenal underscores the nation’s commitment to fortifying its maritime security and defense capabilities. This collaboration exemplifies the importance of international partnerships in enhancing naval defense and ensuring the safety of vital sea routes and territorial waters.

As the contract progresses, the Philippine Navy anticipates a bolstered defense system that will contribute to safeguarding its interests and regional stability. This successful installation represents a significant step forward in securing the nation’s maritime sovereignty.

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