Revamp Oneself in a Shut-In-Community

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With the planet pausing right into April, it is a total certainty that we will be stepping into an uncertain future until the smoke is eventually burning out.

In this “shut-in economy,” what would the companies be like, will they even survive? What about entire businesses, such as transport and entertainment? What does this mean about our work and the way we live?

During quarantine, these are the psychological visions that await us. We may either concede or face these obstacles head-on.

Below are ways in which we should remain involved during our idle time and get more prepared to take on this brave new planet.

Finish one lesson online

  • Schools were the first to be affected by the infection, and rapidly adapted to electronic pivoting. Students and professionals now more than ever recognize the value of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Pick up a foreign language

  • Because few conflicts in modern times have forced us to empathize with our surrounding countries and learn from them. Which better way to do so than using their own language?

Connect yourself to Health

  • The self-improvement lies almost as much in the body as in the head. Starting the entire day on a laptop can be counterproductive to your health and wellbeing, so make sure you take daily breaks for exercise.

Study culture

  • Who says you need a class to get yourself educated? In the wake of COVID-19, libraries and digital tools are more available than ever before. On Scribd free eBooks and audiobooks are available for 30 days.

Refurbish your cooking

  • Ever cooked enough to survive so often? Are those food runs getting increasingly dire? Now is prime time to adopt innovative and efficient recipes to maintain daily nutrition.

Innovate a Sustainable Lifestyle

  •  Now that food rationing and essential-living are required to counter pandemics, who suggests these should not be the norm? If anything, these behaviors not only prepare us for potential accidents, they also strengthen the bond between humanity and our temperamental environment.

       There are so many ways to improve one’s self.

       Take time to reflect on these things.

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