Singapore court sentences man to death for possessing cannabis

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singapore court sentences man to death for possessing cannabis

Tangaraju Suppiah, a Malaysian 48-year-old man, was sentenced to death in Singapore for carrying more than two kg of cannabis. Suppiah was found guilty of narcotics trafficking, which carries a mandatory death sentence in Singapore.

The case has generated discussion over Singapore’s strict drug regulations, which have been chastised by human rights organizations. Regardless of the debate, the nation has maintained a severe position on drug offenses, claiming that it is important to protect public safety and discourage drug-related crimes.

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Singapore’s government has justified the death sentence, claiming that it is only used for the most severe crimes, such as drug trafficking and murder. However, detractors contend that the penalty is too severe and that there is no proof that it deters drug crime.

Suppiah’s case is only one illustration of Singapore’s tough stance on drug charges. It remains to be seen if the administration would alter its position in light of rising criticism from human rights organizations and foreign observers.

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