Surprise, There Will Be No Serious Sanction for Thanathorn

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Amidst all the things happened in the government, The court will probably not going to arraign Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit for applying to be a MP realizing he was not qualified as charged by the Election Commission, as indicated by their representative.

Despite the fact that they presently can’t seem to officially report their choice and they postponed it to May 25th and the representative Ittiporn Kaewthip said the choice would not run against the Constitutional Court’s decision on his media-shareholding case.

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Mr. Ittiporn declined to give subtleties, saying the examiners would clarify more when the choice is officially reported. Yet, despite the fact that examiners would not charge him, there are two additional means required during which the choice could be upset. The police boss may differ with the investigators’ choice and send the case to the head legal officer, who will have the last say.

In the event that the criminal case continues and Mr Thanathorn is indicted, he will confront detainment of 1-10 years and a fine of 20,000 to 200,000 baht.

The case was an aftereffect of the Constitutional Court’s decision in November 2019 that the previous head of the Future Forward Party had shares in a media organization when his gathering submitted to the Election Commission the names of its rundown MP applicants in which he started things out. Having shares in media organizations is denied under the MP political race law.

The Constitutional Court governed he had abused Section 151 of the MP political race law in light of the fact that in its view he actually held offers in a media organization when he applied to turn into a MP. It precluded him as MP. Since Mr Thanathorn has effectively been suspended from obligation forthcoming the court’s choice, the compelling date for his preclusion dated back to May 23, 2019 when he was suspended.

Following the court governing, the EC continued with a criminal argument against him by blaming him for overstepping the MP political race law with Thung Song Hong police in April a year ago. Police sent the case to examiners in January this year. Mr Thanathorn denied the charge. Along with this, Mr Thanathorn, 42, effectively lost his political rights for a very long time for another situation.

The Constitution Court managed in February 2020 to break up the Future Forward Party and repudiated the privileges of its 16 chiefs, including him, to run as MP competitors, for a very long time. The court discovered his loaning of 191.2 million to his gathering was ill-conceived.

Morever, Following the choice, Mr Thanathorn, along with Piyabutr Saengkanokkul and Pannikar Wanich, shaped the Progressive Movement to push ahead their political plan. The gathering has sent possibility to challenge at a few nearby races.

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