Thai Woman Miraculously Survived the Fall

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 Thailand Thailand – A Thai lady is seriously harmed after falling from the 26th floor of an apartment suite in Bangkok at around 2am on Sunday. The rescue groups showed up at the scene in no less than 5 minutes, however the lady needed to hold on until 4am to get treatment at the clinic, as per the salvage group. The lady experienced different broken bones.

In view of this, Erawan Emergency Center took the lady to a medical clinic 1 kilometer away from the scene, who purportedly denied her crisis therapy. The clinic said the lady’s wounds were excessively extreme for them to treat since they didn’t have “enough hardware,” as indicated by the salvage group.

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The rescue group took her to Police General Hospital rather where she got treatment at 4am. Thai netizens are insulted that it required 2 hours for the lady to get emergency clinic treatment. As indicated by Thai media, the lady battled with her unfamiliar beau and leaped off the gallery of an apartment suite in the Rakhamhaeng area of Bangkok.

Morever, The lady broke both of her legs in the fall and experienced other minor wounds. Inexplicably, she experienced no head wounds.

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