Thailand’s 750-year-old city wall falls due to rainstorm

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Thailand's 750-year-old city wall falls due to rainstorm

On Sunday morning, residents of Chiang Mai were shocked to see that a portion of their old city wall had crumbled as a result of a storm that had occurred the night before. Rainfall of sufficient intensity, over the course of more than seven hundred and fifty years, destroyed the wall that stood close to Chang Phuak gate to rubble.

The city officials of Chiang Mai moved quickly to block off the area to both tourists and locals as they assessed the damage. The Fine Arts Department has sent staff members to assist with the work being done on the refurbishment.

According to the provincial Fine Arts Office, around ten meters of the wall had collapsed as a result of the severe rain.

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According to the office director Therdsak Yenjura, the wall that surrounds Chang Phuak gate has not been maintained in around sixty years.

It is believed to have been constructed during the time that King Mengrai of Lanna was in power (AD1261-1292).

Before performing maintenance, the 7th Regional Office of Fine Arts will strengthen the structure by erecting new pillars, according to Therdsak.

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