The Absence of Solid Evidence Led to Wihdrawal of Les Majeste Charges

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 Thailand Thailand – The lower court has vindicated a political dissident blamed by some security authorities for disregarding the lese majeste and PC wrongdoing regulations in 2016, saying the offended parties had no onlookers or strong proof to back their charges against the extremist.

In the claim, Harit Nahaton, 31, the cleared litigant, was blamed for slandering the high foundation in his visits with Nattharika Warathanyawit, 48, by means of Facebook Messenger, among January and April 2016.

For this reason, Ms Nattharika, who escaped the nation and is currently accepted to be living in the US, had purportedly utilized a Facebook account under the name Wararat Mengpramun to speak with Mr Harit, said a similar claim.

The piece of the claim against Ms Nattharika, named as the second respondent in similar case, has been suspended since the time she escaped the country. The offended parties are various security authorities who professed to have accessed the Facebook courier record of both Mr Harit and Ms Nattharika, said Winyat Chatmontri, a legal counselor addressing the charged, after Tuesday’s decision.

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The offended parties additionally asserted Mr Harit and Ms Nattharika gave them their Facebook courier passwords preceding their confinement at a tactical camp, which the two had denied, said the attorney.

The offended parties likewise guaranteed that they had replicated the two’s talk history for use as proof against them for this situation, however an observer who is a college instructor affirming for Mr Harit contended that these logs could without much of a stretch have been doctored, said the legal counselor.

Consequently, Gen Wichan Chotdaeng, a key observer affirming for the offended parties, said he was just told about the supposed wrongdoing and didn’t really see the first form of the talk records being referred to himself, as per the decision. The offended parties additionally neglected to demonstrate to the appointed authority the Facebook account refered to in the proof against Mr Harit really had a place with him.

After hearing the decision on Tuesday Mr Harit offered his thanks to the adjudicator for guaranteeing that a fair consequence was given. He likewise said he won’t document a counter suit against the security authorities seeking after lawful activity against him for this situation, as he accepted they were just completing requests.

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