The Leaders Appreciate the Indomitable Spirit of Filipinos Despite the Nation’s Challenge Over Pandemic

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In his Christmas letter, President Duterte praised the indomitable spirit of Filipinos and urged them to stay optimistic as considering the difficulties facing the Philippines this year, there are better days ahead.

Duterte noted that 2020 was a tough period for all Filipinos and that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural calamities, several lives were lost and changed forever. In order to bring love and joy to their families, friends, and those most in need, the President called on Filipinos to invite Christ into their lives.

His spokesperson called for solidarity and expressed hope that their fellow men will be more humane to the Filipinos. For the president, he hopes that the nation can owe their fellow men more compassion, empathy and patience. It is high time that they unite together for a better Philippines as one nation and one citizen.

Roque shared that, despite the difficulties facing the Philippines this year, there are reasons to be thankful. Filipinos were also encouraged by Roque to share their blessings with those badly impacted by recent calamities or personal tragedies.

It is said that the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country, has the world’s longest Christmas celebration. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Filipinos this year to set aside or change certain Christmas rituals.

In view of this, The country has reported more than 464,000 COVID-19 infections, the second highest in Southeast Asia. On the other hand, Vice President Leni Robredo shared that even in the midst of tough times, Filipinos have to do away with ordinary Christmas events, they can still find hope and happiness in the goodness of others.

In addressing the health crisis and recent disasters that have hit the country, the Vice President urged Filipinos to follow Christ’s example by demonstrating unity, hope and love for each other. For every act is rooted in someone’s desire to help each other. Robredo shared this from helping frontliners to taking part in relief operations or simply following health protocols.

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