TikTok star from America sues Porsche Thailand

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tiktok star from america sues porsche thailand

The used car they paid 13 million baht for is not only a different model than they ordered, but it also isn’t functional, according to a complaint filed by an American TikTok star and his Thai girlfriend against a Porsche Thailand showroom.

Kyle Michael Anderson, 39, and his wife [name withheld], met with well-known attorney Decha Kittiwittayanan yesterday at 4:30 pm to discuss Porsche Thailand’s alleged deceit.

On July 12, 2022, Anderson claimed to have seen a social media advertisement for a pre-owned Miami Blue Porsche 911 for sale at a Porsche dealership in Thailand. He called and scheduled a visit to inspect the Porsche and a test drive for later that day. He immediately paid a 250,000 baht deposit since he loved the car.

On August 7, Anderson and his girlfriend went back to the dealership to pick up the vehicle. He made a down payment of 5 million baht and agreed to pay the remaining amount in three instalments totaling more than 13 million baht.

Soon later, Anderson’s Porsche 911 cut out on the highway while he was travelling to Pattaya.

When he called the showroom, they suggested that he let the car “rest” for a bit, then restart it and bring it in for repairs.

The dealership “repaired” the automobile and gave it back, but Anderson claimed that it soon occurred once more. He claimed that after less than a half-hour of driving to the beach with his wife, the engine failed again.

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Although Anderson claimed he began to lose faith in the vehicle, he opted to take it himself to a different repair facility because he loved it so much. However, he had to wait for the delivery of the car’s paperwork first.

His girlfriend examined the car’s handbook when it was delivered and discovered that it wasn’t the model they had chosen.

Anderson and his fiancée informed Attorney Decha that although they had arranged to purchase a Porsche model from 2021, the actual model was from 2020. They said that the car the showroom offered them did not resemble the one in the advertisement.

The dealership fired back, arguing that the 2021 date on the poster refers to the vehicle’s registration for sale rather than its model year.

Anderson and his girlfriend requested to return the automobile to Porsche out of frustration. Anderson and his fiancée accepted to Porsche’s request to buy it back for 12.2 million baht.

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