Vanessa Hudgens Named Global Tourism Ambassador for the Philippines

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vanessa hudgens named global tourism ambassador for the philippines

Being the first Hollywood celebrity to be selected to the role, the Philippine Department of Tourism has named Vanessa Hudgens as its Global Tourism Ambassador, marking a historic occasion. Hudgens, who is of Filipino ancestry, has been an advocate for the Philippines and its culture for a very long time. She has shown her affection for the country in public and has traveled there numerous times over the years.

In her new position, Hudgens will market the Philippines as a renowned tourist destination and try to increase the number of international visitors. She will communicate with fans and followers on social media and participate in a variety of initiatives and events. As a well-known star with a vast fan base, she is anticipated to assist raise awareness of the country’s often-overlooked natural beauty and rich culture.

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The Philippines’ tourism economy has been severely hit by the pandemic, and Hudgens’ appointment coincides with efforts to revitalize it. Due to travel restrictions and health concerns, the country, whose economy relies significantly on tourism, has experienced a considerable fall in tourists. The number of foreign visitors to the Philippines decreased by 83% in 2020, resulting in an anticipated $8 billion loss in revenue.

With the assistance of Tourism, the Philippines aims to recover and offer the world its distinct assets. The country has much to offer vacationers, from its stunning beaches and thriving cities to its rich history and culture. As a Global Tourism Ambassador, Hudgens will be a valuable asset in promoting the Philippines and increasing tourism to the nation.

Hudgens stated in a statement that the Philippines holds a particular place in her heart and that she is ecstatic about her appointment as the Global Tourism Ambassador. She also commended the country’s warm hospitality and distinct culture, which she feels will attract international tourists. With her assistance, the Philippines will recover and resume its standing as a leading tourist destination.

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