Wedding ended in grief, after it becomes new cluster of Covid-19

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Indonesia Wedding COVID19

A marriage that is supposed to be happy, but it brings sorrow. The incident was experienced by a family in the city of Semarang after holding a wedding. Marriage is called a new cluster of positive coronavirus  (Covid-19) cases in the Semarang region, Central Java.

After the event, one family after another was sick because of positive Covid-19, some even died.

Based on the Semarang City Government’s statement, many of them were apparently confirmed positive by Covid-19 after the tracing.

This was stated by Semarang Mayor Hendrar Prihadi at the Mayor’s Office. He said the marriage took place without regard to a number of health protocols.

“So, on June 11, 2020, there was a marriage that is not in accordance with the health protocol because there were more than 30 people,” Hendrar said, Semarang, Monday, June 22.

Based on the news obtained by Hendi, the mother of one of the brides died, then followed by his father who was critically ill due to positive Covid-19. Not only them, the child or younger brother also died.

After the unfortunate incident was revealed, the city government did the tracking. As a result, 5 of the 9 Board for the Prosperity of the Mosque or takmir who were managing wedding event for the religious process, got positive of Covid-19. Also, many family members, that the bride and groom were positive.

Although there are still restrictions on community activities (PKM), Hendrar provides a number of concessions to the implementation of community activities such as weddings, funeral processions, and worship.

“We gave the wedding allowance of 30 people, we added to 50 people in the PKM volumes 4 to 22 June to 8 July 2020. For example, the church program reached 1,000 people, this time only 50 people,” he said.

Regarding this new cluster, Hendrar ordered Semarang City Health Department to track and find a number of people infected with Covid-19.

“From the results of tracking, the mosque takmir get positive Covid-19. It turns out that takmir in the mosque of 9 there are 5 positive, tracing to bride/groom family there is also positive cases,” he said.

Based on his statement, 63 medical staff were also exposed to the coronavirus and included People without Symptoms (OTG) who were in good condition.

The medical personnel are then required to quarantine at the mayor’s official residence and training center.

“There are 35 health workers, of which there are 28 people outside the hospital, that’s in their 60s. The condition is healthy but positive,” he said.

Hendrar reminded people to continue to comply with health SOPs because the number of positive cases in the Semarang area has continued to increase since the massive tests.

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