A Call To Escalate The Best Service For The Country

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 Indonesia Indonesia – Unexpectedly, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has urged members of the Indonesian Civil Servants Corps (Korpri) to consistently provide and escalate the best service for the community.

In view of this, Every member of Korpri in various positions must possess the same basic value, which is providing the best service for the community. The head of state reminded Korpri’s members to stick to the core values of the state apparatus of being service-oriented, accountable, harmonious, loyal, adaptive, and collaborative.

The president also urged the state apparatus to make breakthroughs and bolster sustainable innovations. He strongly shared to change the working mindset and avoid inefficiency. To this end, every service, ministry, and institution has been urged to collaborate across organizations to implement e-governance in an effort to increase the speed of services and credibility.

In addition to this, Do not forget to build and strengthen integrity across apparatuses and create a transparent and accountable bureaucracy. Do not make it difficult for the public by charging illegal fees.

The president urged Korpri members to build clean and corruption-free governance. He also drew the attention of Korpri members, as Indonesian citizens, to build a strong bond with one another. Consequently, Strengthen the bond between citizens of Indonesia as our unifying force. Protect the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila, the Constitution, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

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Jokowi also lauded the work of all Korpri members, especially those on duty at the border, in remote places, and on the outer islands of Indonesia. He also saod Happy 50th Anniversary to Korpri. He laud Korpri’s dedication and hard work in serving the community and running the government. All Korpri members spread nationwide had become nodal points for fostering national unity and manifesting the presence of the state to provide services to people across the country.

The dedication of each member of Korpri to the nation is unstoppable. People’s expectations are increasing, and the challenges of change are more complex. New challenges might come from technological developments or due to disasters and pandemics.

Jokowi called on Korpri members to continue to transform, strengthen outlook, and diligently serve the community and country. The civil servants must be able to innovate and develop more efficient ways of working. Continue to adapt to the developments in science and technology and provide solutions to the problems in the community.

Each member of Korpri is also urged to be at the forefront of bureaucratic reform and do away with regulations that hinder services in addition to streamlining the organization’s functioning. Furthermore, Korpri can derive benefits from technological advancements.

Morever, they must immediately realize the government’s electronic centralized data based on a streamlined organization and advanced human resources. Every member of Korpri should be more responsive and innovative, especially for the community.

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