A Response of Denial for Thamanat Prompow Gains Attention

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The agent Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thamanat Prompow has denied he made a parliament cop grovel to him after a contention with an individual from his company.

In view of this, Capt Thamanat was reacting to reports that individuals who were with him had a contention with a parliament cop recently when the House was in meeting to ponder the public spending bill. As Capt Thamanat and his group showed up, the cop denied them section, authorizing general wellbeing guidelines that breaking point the quantity of individuals permitted to enter with a bureau pastor to one.

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It was accounted for the representative clergyman was vexed and later called a chief associated with parliament security to meet him. He condemned the chief for not treating him and his group with nobility and taught the cop to grovel to him as a method of apologizing.

Along with this, Capt Thamanat shared that he had just two individuals with him when he showed up for the discussion. He conceded the cop and his group had contended yet said this solitary occurred after the official had spoken harshly to them. He said he later met the official concerned and the overseer of parliament security for eliminate any confusion talks which finished with his group and the police officer saying ‘sorry’ to one another with a wai.

Consequently, Capt Thamanat demanded the police officer didn’t grovel to him, adding: That would have been an eruption. He demanded in the event that anybody had been in a bad way, it was he and his group, saying that he was regularly mindful of people watching him with doubting eyes and expecting he was the assailant at whatever point erosion happened.

Morever, a source in parliament said the police officer had requested to meet Capt Thamanat to bringing to the table his statement of regret. The delegate serve encouraged him to take a gentler tone when conversing with individuals from this point forward.

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