Bukhara Governor: UAE model for harmonious coexistence

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Bukhara Governor UAE model for harmonious coexistence

Botir Zaripov, the governor of the Bukhara Province, stated that promoting peaceful coexistence is the most important of the UAE and Uzbekistan’s shared values and principles in order to sustain these highest human ideals in the consolidation of security, stability, and peace throughout the world.

Zaripov told the Emirates News Agency (WAM) that the United Arab Emirates serves as a model for reviving the virtues of tolerance and peaceful coexistence on a global scale due to its fervent support for these qualities.

He spoke about the connection between religious organizations in his country and museums, universities, and heritage centres in the Emirates, as well as the cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UAE in a variety of fields, including tourism and the economy.

However, Bara’a Imam, Head of the Worldwide Relations Division at the Imam al-Bukhari Worldwide Middle for Scientific Research on the Uzbek Cabinet, stated that the Imam al-Bukhari Middle was established 5 years ago subsequent to the tomb of Imam al-Bukhari in the city of Samarkand, with the purpose of researching, learning, and scrutinizing the life and heritage of trans-river students such as Imam al-Bukhari, Imam al-Tirmidh.

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He advised “WAM” that the analysis facilities within the Republic of Uzbekistan, together with the Imam Al-Bukhari Middle, are engaged on a number of translations of the spiritual heritage of Imam Al-Bukhari, the most notable of which are the Sahih Mosque, the singular literature, honoring one’s dad and mom, the Al-Bukhari trilogy and the good historical past, in addition to the heritage of Imam Al-Maturidi and Musna

Bara’a Imam stated that there are agreements with a number of international locations to document and translate essential books for students across the river and ship them to students in all Islamic international locations, in cooperation with Arab international locations, such as the Peace Analysis Complicated at Al-Azhar College in Cairo, as well as some heritage facilities within the United Arab Emirates United such as Juma Al Majid Heritage Center and diff

He stated that the proper mosque of Imam al-Bukhari attracts many Muslims seeking knowledge and information from around the world, in order to learn about Uzbekistan, the home of students, and that the Middle Ages contained many names that contributed to the supply of science to the world, which is an opportunity for his country to attract spiritual tourism and visit Historic monuments.

However, Dr. Kamel Jan Rahmouf, an official of the Naqshbandi journal, told WAM that Central Asia has been associated with Islamic civilization since the seventh century AD, when Muslim Arabs conquered it and renamed it Beyond the River. Since then, Central Asia has produced many students who have made outstanding contributions to the sciences of mathematics, medicine, philosophy, hadith, and language.

Rakhmov spoke about the contributions of the nation beyond the river to the richness of Islamic civilisation, including his own country, “Bukhara,” the historic city that was destroyed by Genghis Khan and rebuilt by Tamerlane, “Prince Timur,” the birthplace of the Imam of Hadith al-Bukhari.

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