Don’t let H. pylori take over: Test and treat to reduce stomach cancer risk

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don't let h. pylori take over test and treat to reduce stomach cancer risk

Millions of individuals around the world are afflicted by stomach cancer, a devastating disease with a high mortality rate. But did you know there’s a straightforward strategy for lowering your cancer risk? H. pylori, a common bacterial infection, is the first target of treatment.

H. pylori is a type of bacteria that has been linked to stomach cancer, gastritis, and ulcers, as reported in a recent paper published by Kaiser Permanente. It is important to get checked out and treated if necessary even though many people carry this bacteria in their body without showing any symptoms.

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The good news is that H. pylori can be easily treated, drastically lowering the patient’s chance of acquiring stomach cancer. Antibiotics are used to eliminate the bacteria, and medications that reduce acid levels may be suggested to ease symptoms and speed recovery.

Keep in mind that H. pylori is more prevalent in some groups than others, including those who live in impoverished nations, have inferior hygiene habits, or have a history of the problem in their family. If you are having symptoms like gas, nausea, or stomach pain and do not fit into any of the above categories, being checked is still extremely important.

Reducing your chance of developing stomach cancer by treating H. pylori is a significant step toward improving your general health. See a doctor immediately if you’re worried about contracting this bacterial sickness. You’ll be glad you did it in retrospect.

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