Game of Thrones: Where was the legendary show filmed?

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game of thrones where was the legendary show filmed

One of the most popular television shows in history, Game of Thrones included extensive world-building that transported several characters to Westeros and Essos. Even though the imposing castles and medieval cities are made up, several of them were partially filmed in actual places. The numerous filming locations all over the world surpass the expansiveness of the Game of Thrones realm.

Many of the most well-known places from the series have fascinating histories that may be explored, and they make the ideal settings for some of the most dramatic scenes in the program. Fans were able to visit several new and intriguing locations as well as some of their old favorites in House of the Dragon, which was set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones. Let’s take a look at everything we’ve seen so far, from ruins from antiquity to imposing mountains and scorching sand dunes, and what we might see again in the future!


Let’s begin with one of Westeros’ most significant locations. The Seven Kingdoms’ capital and center of authority is King’s Landing. What real places helped set the tone for the countless dramatic episodes that took place here?

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some of our most cherished (and dreaded) figures may be seen strolling the meandering alleys of this lovely coastal city, which is paved with ancient cobblestones and topped with red, clay rooftops. The most notable sequence from the several that were filmed here is Cersei’s (Lena Heady) Walk of Penance. You can follow her footsteps through the city’s main street because this incident served as a turning point for her character. Of course, as we journey back in time to the heyday of King’s Landing, House of the Dragon returns to this place!

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Mdina, Malta

There were some significant scenes filmed in this fortified city. Many key scenes in King’s Landing during the first season were filmed on its historic streets, most notably Ned’s (Sean Bean) altercation with Little Finger (Aidan Gillen), during which he is finally apprehended and brought prisoner by the Lannisters. The buildings’ stunning sandstone facades provide the ideal backdrop for the southern city.

Trsteno, Croatia

The stunning Trsteno Arboretum, which you would recognize as the verdant palace grounds of the Red Keep, is located in this town just to the north of Dubrovnik. To sit where Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rig) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) did to inform Sansa of her husband’s true nature, proceed through the hedges.

Itálica, Spain

The Dragon pit Summit, one of the most significant events in the series, was put in motion by the ancient arena in this town. You may witness the pivotal moment where almost all of the series’ important characters meet together in this place for yourself! If you’ve been watching House of the Dragon, you can see what the Dragon pit actually appeared to be like when it was one of King’s Landing’s biggest buildings!

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