Housing Plans Rise In Taiwan As Per Average Land Rights Regulations

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housing plans rise in taiwan as per average land rights regulations

The housing rates are going to increase in Taiwan after the  average land rights regulations. The maximum penalty has been set up to 50 million.

In order to contain the fried house, the Ministry of the Interior adopted the (average land rights regulations) amendment at the end of 2021, which was passed in the Executive Council in April this year. 

It was originally thought that it would be passed on the third reading in the first half of the year, but it is expected to be reviewed on the 21st. 

The amendment hopes to obtain a wild consensus, to stop the hype room chaos and implement the residence justice.

The five key points of this practice include restrictions on resale of auctions, heavy penalty hype, up to 50 million and continuous penalties, establishment of a reporting bonus system, control of private legal person purchase of houses, and cancellation of declarations to pre-sale houses.

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The trade agreement is about to resolve the situation. The builder should declare login within 30 days. Violators will be fined 30,000 to 15,0 yuan.

In the past, since Zhang Jin was the deputy mayor of Taipei City, the government has begun to focus on building houses. To curb the hype of real estate, the Executive Council passed average land rights regulations on April 7th. 

Draft amendments to restrict renewal of pre-sale houses or newly built house sales contracts, and heavy penalty hype, the maximum penalty is 50 million yuan.

Those who have not improved the deadline can be punished continuously. The draft is pending review by the Legislative Yuan.

Mei Hui, the king of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that there are currently 9 versions of the average land rights regulations, all of which are hopeful to respond to the public’s expectations of house prices, curb the hype, and truly implement the justice of residence.

Many netizens are also quite looking forward to the passage of the amendment, thinking that Taiwan house prices, especially North Taiwan is really too high, south-central is also a surge in these years, but the salary has not risen and can be used to eat. 

There is a hype report bonus, I hope that there is really a justice person willing to stand up.

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