Human Rights Day protestors accuse Philippines president of extrajudicial executions

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human rights day protestors accuse philippines president of extrajudicial executions

Hundreds of people have marched in the capital of the Philippines to protest what they claim is an increase in extrajudicial executions and other injustices under the leadership of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The demonstrators, coordinated by a Philippine rights organization, gathered in a Manila public square before marching to the presidential palace to seek justice for the victims.

The gathering, which occurred on International Human Rights Day, drew an estimated 800 demonstrators, according to police estimates.

Cristina Palabay of the rights organization Karapatan stated that during the counterinsurgency campaign of the Marcos administration, the organization has recorded at least 17 cases of extrajudicial murders and four additional acts of violence in which victims survived.

According to him, the number of political prisoners in the country continues to climb, with 828 imprisoned as of November 30.

Mr. Palabay stated that at least 25 of them were imprisoned following Mr. Marcos’s June inauguration.

Culture of impunity persists in rearing its ugly head.

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Families of activists who vanished or were tortured under the government of Mr. Marcos’s father and namesake, the deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos, were among the protestors in Manila and elsewhere in the country, according to the protest’s organizers.

Additionally, family members of alleged victims of previous president Rodrigo Duterte joined the protesters.

After leaving hundreds dead, the International Criminal Court is investigating Mr. Duterte’s savage campaign on narcotics.

In 1986, an army-backed “People Power” rebellion deposed the older Ferdinand Marcos from power.

The tyrant died in exile in the United States three years later without admitting guilt, despite allegations that he, his family, and other cronies acquired an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion during his time in office.

“We come together as families of victims from different administrations and presidents,” said Evangeline Hernandez, the leader of a human rights victims group.

Every International Human Rights Day, we make it a point to demand for justice and pledge not to allow the same abuses to occur to others.

According to the rights organization Karapatan, the present administration is also expanding the use of terror legislation to repress dissent, as well as restricting freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of association.

Mr. Palabay urged the international human rights community to expedite justice-seeking efforts, especially for the thousands of victims of extrajudicial executions.

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