In Newcastle’s Carabao Cup final against Manchester United, fans mock Loris Karius’ gloves

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in newcastle's carabao cup final against manchester united, fans mock loris karius' gloves

Fans criticized former Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius, who joined Newcastle United on a free transfer last summer, for the gloves he wore in his Wembley debut against Manchester United in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday.

Karius was given the opportunity to start against Liverpool as Newcastle’s No. 2 goalkeeper Martin Dubravka was cup-tied and Nick Pope was sent off.

Karius and Newcastle trailed 2-0 at halftime despite the fact that he had warmed up cautiously before the match.

Several supporters mocked Karius on social media, claiming he purchased his gloves from B&Q. One fan wrote, “Karius is wearing World War II-era gloves,” while another questioned, “Did he have to dig his gloves out of the tool shed?”

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Before the Carabao Cup final, Karius had not participated in a competitive match since the 2018 Champions League final against Real Madrid, and it had been two years since his last competitive match. Supporters were concerned about his performance prior to the game, and social media mockery of his gloves did not help matters.

Karius was also held responsible for the second goal scored by Manchester United in the Carabao Cup final. Sven Botman deflected Marcus Rashford’s shot over Karius, while Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher complimented on the goalkeeper’s performance during Sky Sports’ broadcast of the match.

Neville attacked Karius, stating, “The goalkeeper is going down extremely early, perhaps for the first shot, and then his hand… he can’t get enough on it, and the ball goes over his head.” Carragher concurred with Neville that Karius should have blocked the shot.

According to Carragher, Karius’ lack of confidence and sharpness was clear in his first competitive game in two years. He stated that the major concern for Newcastle supporters regarding Karius or any goalie was their lack of football experience, not their previous performances.

Despite the criticism, Karius was not solely responsible for Newcastle’s final loss. They were already down 1-0 when Karius entered the game, and they were unable to make a comeback. Newcastle has not won a major trophy since winning the FA Cup in 1955, and their search continues.

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