Odisha-based AI bot ‘Explain This Bob’ takes over Twitter

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odisha based ai bot 'explain this bob' takes over twitter

A tweet by tech billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk has triggered a battle for an alt-coin named $BOB. BOB, the native token of the “Explain This Bob” bot, has surged over 1,000 per cent since its listing, after Musk showed his support for its Twitter bot, ‘Explain this Bob’.

Twitter bot, ‘Explain this Bob’ has been created by Prabhu P. Biswal, 24. It uses the model of Open AI’s GPT-4. The AI bot helps social media users get answers to their questions and breaks down complex tweets or questions on Twitter. The Twitter account of Bob (@Explainthisbob) helps the user by breaking down the meaning in simple words.

Prabhu exclusively spoke to Business Today about the “Explain This Bob” bot. He said that he is the creator and manager of ‘Explain this Bob’.

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The “Explain This Bob” bot was created in a partnership with a few people. Odisha-based Prabhu P. Biswal said that he wanted to make an explainer bot for coding practice and learning purposes.

On Twitter, social media users tag or reply to the “Explain This Bob” account, and it comes back with accurate answers. Once, Elon Musk also confessed his love to ‘Explain this Bob’.

In an interview with Business Today (BT), Prabhu said, “I’m already working on developing Bob on other platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Reddit, which will increase the backend cost even more.”
The popularity of the AI bot increased when Elon Musk said, “I love Bob.” Various media organizations started publishing news stories about ‘Explain this Bob’.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk came into the limelight after SpaceX, an American spacecraft manufacturer, launcher, and satellite communications company, founded by him, hired Kairan Quazi, a 14-year-old software engineer. The boy would join the Starlink engineering team at SpaceX. He called the company the coolest company on the planet.

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