One person was killed in a shopping mall shooting in Sweden

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One person was killed in a shopping mall shooting in Sweden

A man who was shot and injured in a shopping center in Sweden on Friday (August 19) has passed away, according to the police, while a lady who was shot and injured in the same attack remained in the hospital.

In a statement, the police said that the male had “succumbed to his injuries,” and that the woman was undergoing medical treatment at the time of the announcement.

Earlier, the police announced that they had taken into custody the person they believed to be the gunman in the incident that occurred in the city of Malmo in the south.

They stated that there was no evidence to suggest that the shooting was carried out for “terrorist” reasons and that it appeared to be “an isolated occurrence tied to criminal groups.”

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The local media reported that eyewitnesses had stated that the gunman had shot into the crowd without discrimination; however, the police did not confirm this information.

A representative for the police department stated that they “think that the immediate risk is now over.”

In July, a shooting took place in a shopping mall in the Danish city of Copenhagen, which is around 30 kilometers away from Malmo. The incident resulted in the deaths of three people.

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