Request for Immediate Action on Rural Bridge Bottleneck

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One of the positive economic impacts of a well built bridges are a critical part of a nation ‘s infrastructure, enabling raw materials and finished goods to be shipped to factories, warehouses, suppliers , distributors, stores, and end-consumers. Throught that it also promote travel, so customers can buy products and services in and outside their own communities.

In view of this, The villagers in Non Thai district have called for immediate government action following the widening of a narrow road connecting five villages, leaving a one-way bridge for the bottleneck.

The railings were withdrawn from the narrow bridge and are badly marked, so incidents have occurred there. The villagers said the problem emerged after the widening to two lanes of a 2.3-kilometer road connecting five villages in tambon banlang. Last year the study was concluded in September. The bridge runs through a canal of irrigation and is only 3 meters long.

The bridge railings were dismantled when road widening was complete. The bridge became extremely dangerous, particularly at night, to vehicles driving over it without the railings. The only warnings are a pair of rubber orange cones set at each end.

The tambon Banlang municipality, which conducted the road widening work, said it had submitted an application to the Royal Irrigation Department for permission to extend the bridge to the same size as the road at a cost of 500,000 baht. There had been no answer to this so far.

The bridge will be widened once authorization is received, a municipal official stated to the public.

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