Robin Padilla told that ‘English also an official language’

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Robin Padilla

 Philippines Philippines – Some online users reminded  that  English could be used for public purposes after the newly elected Senator Robin Padilla stated that he wanted to discuss only  in  the Philippine Senate.

The 52-year-old self-proclaimed “Best of the State-of-the-art Education” and new Senate freshmen are ready to discuss in the plenary on Tuesday, June 14, when reporters hold the 19th Congress  next month. I said when I asked if I was there. He also said he took English lessons with children aged 2 and 4.

Twitter user has notified Padilla about the use of  Filipino and English. “FYI Robin: English is also the official language of the Philippines. The constitution is also promulgated in English with Filipinos. These are in the Constitution. Americans are not the only ones who speak English. The same is true in many other countries. Article 14 (7) of the 1987 Constitution specifies Filipino and English as the  official languages ​​of the country. English is a priority for parliamentary sessions and discussions, but lawmakers also use a combination of both languages.

Another Twitter user quoting the  news report wasn’t surprised by Padilla’s remarks. Others agreed with Padilla, saying that the citizens simply had to let him speak  Filipino.
In 2018, Padilla was recalled at the Philippinas Got Talent show to pressure  foreign contestants to speak in  the Philippines. Another Twitter user who opposed the Padilla statement described the new senator as “a humiliation to roam to the best legislature in the country.” 

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Meanwhile, another Twitter user  said he was looking forward to seeing Padilla and Senator Lito Lapid interpolate in the Senate. Both Padilla and Rapid were former actors who appeared in action movies Padilla’s actress Mariel Rodriguez’s second child  was born in the United States in 2019,  making her child an English-speaking citizen. That same year, his son married in Australia, a former colony of the British Empire, which is also an English-speaking country.

Padilla also said that his joke and discussions with his wife prepared him to participate in the upcoming  plenary session debate.

“If you just want me to take office now, I’m ready. I’m used to discussing everyday only  with my wife. “
Twitter users also complained about Padilla’s comments. Some said it was “invalid” as if the qualifications were not minimal.

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