SM Entertainment has announced a pop-up tryout for potential NCT members in Japan

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SM Entertainment has announced a pop-up tryout for potential NCT members in Japan

NCT is an idol group that was established by SM Entertainment. The group features a distinctive idea that enables new members to be added to the roster on an ongoing basis. Despite the fact that NCT now has 23 members, the idol group is still actively recruiting new members.

Idolissue claims that SM Entertainment published the audition notification in the Japanese language. Any boy who was born between the years 2001 to 2008 is eligible to apply, regardless of their nationality, and can submit their resumes for consideration in the areas of voice performance, rap performance, and dance performance.

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Auditions will be held at the Tokyo School of Music and Dance College, and those candidates who are successful in the audition will have the opportunity to undergo training with NCT before making their debut with the group.

However, many Korean internet users have contradictory views, despite the fact that this is fantastic news for aspiring stars. Many users on social networking sites are holding out hope that SM Entertainment would launch a brand-new idol group rather than simply adding fresh members to an existing one.

K-netizens left the following comments: “Please form a new idol group. Please refrain from recruiting any further members; there are already 127 people in our group,” the leader pleaded. If they are going to choose new trainees, then they ought to merely form a new group, “I feel horrible for the members of NCT,” and “SM has to stop with this unlimited expansion for one group.”

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