Who is the male lead in true beauty?

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who is the male lead in true beauty

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Im Ju Kyeong, a high school student who suffers from poor self-confidence due to her characteristics, decides in True Beauty to cover it up with the ease of makeup. As she perseveres through the twists and turns that life throws at her, the girl in the K-drama Genuine Beauty learns her poise and extols her true beauty. Since the first episode, the series has also earned enthusiastic reviews.

All of the True Beauty TV show’s first and second leads are listed below. This guide should help you with problems like “Who is the primary lead in True Beauty?” or “Who is the second lead in True Beauty?”

The protagonist of True Beauty is Moon Ga Young, who portrays Lim Ju-Kyung, the show’s initial lead character. She was born and raised in Germany, and at the tender age of 10, she went back to start a career there. Moon got her start as a kid performer in movies and television.

Han Seo-Jun, played by Hwang In Yeop, is one of True Beauty’s top three protagonists, earning him the nickname “lucky charm” for the True Beauty cast. Although Hwang is one of the more senior members of the True Beauty group, he has only been in the acting business for two years and has already established himself as a show-stopper.

Kang Soo-Jin is portrayed in True Beauty by supporting actor Park Yoo Na. She is most known for her numerous supporting parts in various K dramas.

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The second star in True Beauty, Cha Eun Woo, who portrays Lee Su-ho, is also a significant character. Cha Eun Woo is known as the flower boy of South Korea and is both a singer and an actor. He started out by making a cameo appearance in the popular movie “My Brilliant Life.” He gained prominence as an idol member of the band Astro back in 2016.

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