Spotify condemns Ye’s remarks but continues to play his music

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Spotify condemns Ye's remarks but continues to play his music

As firms across the globe, such as Adidas AG, severed connections with Kanye West, music streaming service Spotify Technology stated that it would not remove the rapper’s songs until his label requested it.

The music of the singer now known as Ye did not break anti-hate laws, according to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Ek stated that if the rapper’s recent anti-semitic comments had been contained on a podcast or audio, they would have been removed from Spotify for breaking its policy prohibiting hate speech and necessitated removal.

However, none of these content is available on Spotify.

“It’s basically just his music, and his music does not breach our rules,” Ek said, adding, “It’s up to his label to decide whether or not to take action.”

This has not occurred.

Universal Music’s Def Jam label, which owns the copyright to West’s tracks from 2002 to 2016 and continued distributing his releases until last year, issued a statement criticizing Ye’s comments, stating, “Antisemitism has no place in our society.”

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It did not request the removal of Ye’s recordings, many of which have received critical praise. Additionally, the song is available on Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Ari Emanuel, a Hollywood power broker, demanded that the main streaming services terminate their financial agreements with Ye after the rapper advocated antisemitic conspiracy theories in interviews and on social media, including a Tweet stating that he would “go death con 3 on Jewish people.”

Ye has lost high-profile and profitable collaborations since his remarks. Creative Artists Agency, one of the world’s top talent agencies, no longer represents him, film and television studio MRC Entertainment has canceled a documentary, and sneaker-maker Adidas terminated a deal valued at more than $500 million in royalties and other fees on Tuesday.

However, Spotify was met with opposition when it penalised musicians for personal wrongdoing.

After claims of sexual assault, the streaming service pulled R Kelly’s songs from its playlists and recommendations in 2018. It retracted the policy after other artists threatened boycotts and instead gave users a mute option to block specific artists.

If Ye’s label requests that the rapper’s discography be removed, Ek stated, “Of course we will comply with their request.”

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