The Re-Establishment of Saen Saep Canal Gains Attention

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has persistently carried out chips away at advancement and rebuilding of Saen Saep channel in a few angles and got upholds from networks and the city area. In fact, after the site visit to follow up the advancement of the turn of events and reclamation of Saen Saep waterway climate in Vadhana District and the becoming aware of issues and ideas from networks,

Here’s  Mrs. Silapasuai Rawisaengsun, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) who uncovered that as the Thai Government had strategy to create and reestablish Saen Saep channel climate, the BMA had consistently carried out chips away at advancement and reclamation of Saen Saep trench in a few perspectives simultaneously.

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Along with this concerning laws on unloading or releasing of wastewater in channels, area office had studied different places and exhorted business administrators, organizations, stores and shops to quit releasing wastewater into waterways. Water treatment framework should be set up and wastewater should be treated before it is delivered into another waterway. For the advancement of water in Saen Saep channel, as of now, the BMA is currently developing wastewater treatment plants to cover the regions of 21 regions along Saen Saep waterway. Furthermore, the BMA Drainage and Sewerage Department intends to build wastewater treatment plants to cover each of the 50 areas.

Morever, the permanent secretary for the BMA added that with respect to the improvement of the trench banks, the BMA got upholds from city area in region. For instance, Vadhana District Office, with the help of neighborhood networks, had created trench banks, changing deserted and empty land into wonderful and obscure nursery. Individuals living in networks can profit by the created territory where individuals meet and do exercises together. In the event that there is further turn of events or association of the travel industry advancement exercises nearby, it would create pay and lift local area economy.

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